Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Challenge Class 2k dTon Cruiser

The Challenge Class 2,000 dTon Cruiser1

The Challenge class cruiser is designed to be "laser proof" and very hard to hurt with any thing less than 100 dTon class bay weapons.

ComponentDisplacement tonnageMCrNotes
2000 dTon Hull (Class L)2K220Streamlined
Full RSTHR Hull skinN/a1100

  • Reflect (+3 Armor vs Lasers)

  • Self Sealing

  • Stealth(-4 DM vs sensor lock)

  • Heat Shielding

  • Radiation Shielding (+6 vs Rad)

12 points Crystal-iron Armor300120

  • 15  Vs Lasers

  • 18  Vs Radiation attacks

Jump Drive R85160Jump 3
Jump Fuel600-Jump 3
Maneuver Drive U37764 G Acceleration
Fusion Power Plant Class U58152Rating 4
Power Plant Fuel32-
Bridge with Very Advanced sensors4514-
Computer MK IV and software-27.3

Rating 20

Software loaded

  • Library

  • Maneuver/0

  • Jump Control/3

  • Evade 2

  • Fire Control/4

  • Auto Repair/2

Weapons and Screens
5 X Large Particle Bay5002009D6 plus crew hit
7 x Triple Turrets735Particle Beam (3D6 damage, plus crew hit)
8 x Triple Turrets8243 x Beam Lasers 1d6 Used for point defense.
2 x Nuclear Dampers4060-4d6 Damage, No crew hit from radiation attack
2 x Meson Screens40120-4d6 vs Meson weapons
Crew and Misc.
17 Statesroom76.510.2


  • Commander

  • XO

  • Piloting Officer

  • Navigation Officer

  • Chief Engineer

  • Medical Officer

  • 3 x Engineering Crew

  • 2 x Screen operators

  • 20 x Gunners

Each states room has an escape pod. All the rooms, other than the commander's are dual bunked.

Repair Drones204
Full Hanger or Cargo Space15030Can carry 105 dTon of craft will full access
Totals2000 dTon2,132.5 McrThis is a rather expensive ship, but over half the cost is the hull and it's skin. With just normal armor and skin the cost is 1,032.5 Mcr

1Built with Mongoose Traveller's High Guard rules.

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