Friday, September 12, 2014

LSP 16 dTon Mod 6502 Light Launch

LSP Light Launch Mod 6502

The 16 dTon launch is designed to go with the "armed" version of the Far Venture class 2J merchants. It is a quite simple design, being made, mainly, to be the minimum needed to transport a 10 dTon module from a planet surface to orbit.

PartdTonsCost (CR)notes
S 1.6 Hull161,276,000Streamlined
0 hull, 1 Struct pt.
sB M Drive12,000,000 (3 G Thrust)
sB FP Plant1.51,000,000
Fuel0.2503 Days
Cockpit1.5100,000One Crewman
Computer MK I030,000Rating 5
Air Lock1200,000Includes boarding tube
Cargo10.75010 dTon as module
Totals164,606,000Cheap and dirty way of getting a LSP standard 10 dTon module into space.

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  1. This is the sort of unglamorous workhorse that settings need, and all too often don't get. The lighters, the barges, the equivalent of the coast guard: vessels that normal people interact with. Yeah, the battleships are glamorous, but how often do you meet one, and how do you interact with it other than "fly casual"?