Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Mongoose Traveller Core Rulebook MGP 3800 Part 9 Psionics.


Use the Force....

Psionics is the optional 7th characteristic, rolled the same way, but with a -1DM per terms served up to that point. Values under 0 are 0 and mean you have no psionics at all. Your current PSI characteristic is also the number of psi strength points you have to spend on powers.

Once you have found out you raw amount of skill, assuming out side of character generation1 you need to be trained. This takes 4 months and 100,000 Cr. This boils down to making a series of psi skill checks to find which talents you know. If you are still in CharGen when you get psions, training happens as part of your skill rolls.

There are 5 talents, which are (in reverse order of ease of learning)

  1. Teleportation

  2. Awareness

  3. Telekinesis

  4. Clairvoyance

  5. Telepathy

If you make you skill checks in that order it's a flat roll plus your modifier to beat 8 to get the talent. Doing them out of that order has some DM's based on the talent and the number of rolls you have made. The DM starts at +0 for Teleportation and ends at +4 for Telepathy, with a -1 DM per roll made to learn a talent.

Each talent is also treated as a skill, in that you gain levels in it, assuming you take a term or so in the Psionic career. Each talent is also broken up into smaller powers


  • Life Detection

  • Telempathy

  • Read Surface Thought

  • Send Thoughts

  • Probe

  • Assault


  • Sense

  • Tactical Awareness

  • Clairvoyance

  • Clairaudience

  • Clairsentience


  • Telekinesis

  • Flight

  • Telekinetic Punch

  • Microkinesis

  • Pyrokinesis


  • Suspended Animation

  • Enhanced Awareness

  • Psionically Enhanced Strength

  • Psionically Enhanced Endurance

  • Regeneration

  • Body Armor


Unlike the other talents it doesn't have any powers under it, just it gets more and more difficult the farther you attempt to 'port and how much you are taking with you. They still have Classic Traveller's change in gravitational potential being a bad idea when teleporting, just for what it's worth. The psi drugs are listed, and few pieces of psionic technology.

The Psions Career

Like the other careers it's broke down into 3 assignments, Wild Talent, Adept and Psi-Warrior.

Luke, as a random possible psionic character, was a Citizen colonist who rolled a 12 on a his first life event then spent a bunch of terms as a psi-warrior, if you get what I mean, and I think you do.
I am iffy about psionics. If you are running in Foreven (or the Spinward Marches) you have to pay some attention to it, because of the Zhodani and, to a lesser amount the Droyne. In MTU it's going to stay rare for PC and be mainly used by NPC/monsters, unless, like Luke, it comes up during character generation via events. I'm not going to allow PCs to pick it up post CharGen

1Several events can lead to getting to roll psionics strength, most notable a 12 on the life event table, which all careers have a chance at rolling on.


  1. My conception of the TU is still formed by the early books, in which psi was something to be held out to PCs in play, not something you started the game with. And it was pretty pathetic. Psis tended to be the opposition.

    But I like an economy of miracles, and I tend to feel the TU is big and impressive enough without psi, so I tend to relegate it to the TL15 equivalent of supermarket tabloids. "I didn't mean to have that affair — it must have been psionic influence!" "I had Strephon's psionic baby!" Etc.

  2. Yeah, there is standard, double and special psi drugs.