Thursday, October 10, 2013

Vehicle design

Any new vehicles designed for this project are going to be made using the SCFI-20/T20 rules, as those are declared to be useable under the OGL. The Mongoose Traveller vehicle design rules, as of this time, are closed source and, in theory, can't be used in an OGL product. I'm not 100% sure about this, but that is the way I'm going, just to be safe.

Due to the difference in how armor is used in t20 vs Mongoose Traveller, there will be some tweaking needed, but other than that, they seem to be about the same.

This has been changed. I have Word of God that you can use the MgT design rules, you just can't publish the design rules as such

Sunday, September 29, 2013

LSP Mk XXIV Life Pod

All LSP space ships are equipped with an Mk XXIV pod at a rate of 1 per cabin.

.5 dTon (6.75 M³)

ItemMeter³Weight (Kg)Cost (Cr)
Box Structure hull with Advanced Sealing
7.425 Meters³ available
Crystaliron Armor 6
Hull 1 Structure 3
Grav Drive0.337550168,750
Fuel Cell
TL-10 22 power units
Fuel Efficient x 4
Fuel 500 liters (2000 Hours)0.5500-
Compact Comprehensive Sensors0.512000
Life support hostile environment0.3375135168,750
Air flow device0.033675
Pilot's station1.25125-
Passenger seat1100-
Radio-1000 TL 72155000

Max speed in air 425 KPH
Cruising speed 319 KPH
Agility 1

Basic Load out
2 x Environmental suits
2 x Environmental masks
Vehicle Survival Kit
Fusion Stile

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Hex 0406 "Neu Freisland" Home port of the LSPS Far Venture.

Neu Freisland

A hot sweaty marshy little hell hole
of a world.

System information

Solo Red Dwarf (V M5)
2 Gas Giants
3 Planetoid Belts
HZ - Orbit 0
10 total worlds

Orbit 0

Main World "Neu Freisland" A-468442-B
Size 4 (Light density) 0.375 G surface Gravity.
Atmosphere: Standard (class 6)
Hydrosphere: 85%
Population: 87,800
Star Port: Class A with Naval Base
Government:Representative Democracy
Law Level:2
Tech Level:11
Trade Classes: Agricultural (Ag), Non Industrial (Ni)

36.36 standard day long year
1,308.96 standard hour day (resonate rotational period)
10 ° axial tilt
Torrid climate
Natural Resources +3
Complex native life.
World Trade Balance +3

Adventure seeds.

  1. The characters must chase a merchant, but have to contend with a possible trade war while being confronted by an enemy.

  2. The characters must liberate an enemy at a transit point, but have to contend with legal troubles.

  3. The characters must observe a bounty hunter, at the villain's base, but have to contend with lack of trust while being confronted by technological breakdown.

  4. The characters must locate a treasure in orbit, but have to contend with misdirection while being confronted by a monster.

  5. The characters must attack information on a mountain, but have to contend with language while being confronted by hazardous environment.

  6. The characters must trade with a terrorist but have to contend with being side tracked while being confronted by recurring NPC.

Ocean Shallows "Monster" encounter table

3ScheermesHunter/Fly34:6:6:1:10:8Claws:2d65Survival:2 Melee:2
4Tand VliegHijacker/Fly13:1:1:1:6:6Teeth:1d60Melee:1
5ZeeaapHunter88:13:8:1:11:12Thrasher:3d64Survival:1 Melee:2 Recon:2
5Zee EekhoornGatherer1113:5:21:1:9:12Teeth:4d64Stealth:2 Melee:1
6ZeekoeGrazer1015:10:22:1:6:10None1Stealth:2 Recon:2
7Vlieg BekGrazer/Fly1 1:1:1:1:8:11 Horns:1d6 4 Melee:3
8Grote ZeekoeGrazer19 43:1:50:1:7:12 Horns:5d6 7 Stealth:2 Melee:0
9Dun HaaiChaser5 9:18:11:1:8:8 Thrasher:3d6 3 Melee:1
11Sterk HaaiChaser18 35:6:29:1:14:9 Thrasher:6d6 1 Melee:4
12HaaiChaser17 38:8:42:1:10:8 Thrasher:6d6 3 Melee:6

S:D:E:I:I:P = Strength Dexterity Endurance Intelligence Instinct

All are swimmers unless marked /Fly

This post is Open Game Content

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

2nd option for the LSPS-1802

[caption id="attachment_646" align="alignleft" width="300"]Ling Standard Products Ship 1802 "Far Venture"Ling Standard Products Ship 1802 "Far Venture" Ling Standard Products Ship 1802 "Far Venture"[/caption]

I think I like this one better than the other option, not the least because I still have the "source code" for the render so I can use it in other scenes.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Possible view of the 'Far Venture' LSPS-1802

[caption id="attachment_641" align="alignleft" width="881"]LSP Trade Cruiser LSP Trade Cruiser[/caption]I haven't decided if this is the final version of the the ship, but this is close at any rate. Central hub with fuel/engine out rider pods.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

LSPS-1802 Far Venture.

Subsidized Merchant modified Type R (Type RL).

Major differences

  1. 4 hardpoints

  2. Jump 2

  3. Removal of 7 stateroom

  4. Removal of low berths.

  5. Modular cargo / passenger design

Subsidized Merchant, Type RL (‘Fat Long Trader’)

ItemTonsPrice (Cr.)
Hull400 tons
Hull 8
Structure 8
Total Hull Cost17,600,000
Armour None
Jump Drive  D (Jump 2)2540,000,000
Manoeuvre Drive C (Thrust 1)512,000,000
Power Plant D1332,000,000
Compact Bridge152,000,000
Computer Model 1bis Rating 5 (10 for Jump)45,000
Electronics Civilian Sensors (–2 DM)150,000
Hardpoint #1 Empty
Hardpoint #2 Empty
Hardpoint #3 Empty
Hardpoint #4 Empty
Fuel One Jump–2 and Two weeks of operation88
Cargo201 (20 10 dTon modules)
6 Staterooms for crew. 1 single, 5 double.243,000,000
Extras Fuel Scoop
Fuel Processor150,000
Escape Pods One for every stateroom3650,000
Ship’s Locker
Modular 20 dTon Launch207,000,000
Software Jump Control/2200,000
Total Tonnage and Cost400107,595,000 cr

Friday, May 31, 2013

Nothing to do with Traveller

Photos of the storm that went about 2 miles south of my house.  "Just" an EF-0, maybe EF-1.  A dozen of so homes damaged, no injuries reported.  This is the ass end of the storm and only sort of showed the funnel cloud by the time I went out side, plus I didn't use my fast lens, so these aren't the best.

[caption id="attachment_623" align="alignleft" width="678"]Storm Storm[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_624" align="alignleft" width="678"]Storm 2 Storm 2[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_625" align="alignleft" width="1024"]Storm 3 Storm 3[/caption]