Sunday, February 26, 2012

Seems the shake down cruise is being held here

Just got a joint messaged from Scout base and the Navy.  Stay more or less in place, deploy all surviving drones as a wide area sensor net and await further orders.  Lt. Urdar, surprisingly, offered to lead most of the crew and marines on a point by point examination of the ships systems that can be tested while powered up, but not under way.  I asked him isn't that traditionally the bosom's job.  His reply surprised me given his Vilani back ground
"Can't be slaves to tradition, plus I think that Mr. Higgs, the Lance and Pack Lord Ghaekelig all have some ideas that they want to kick around with you about our load out, which, frankly I have no clue about.  I do, on the other hand have a great deal of knowledge about engineering matters, having spent 8 long years in the engineer department on the  INS Havok, first as a mate, then as a 2nd engineer.  I had hopped that getting an Imperial commission would get me out of there, but no, I stayed.  At least I spent 6 years out ranking the petty officers there.  Several of them learned that sending the baron's son off to clean the grease pit's wasn't a funny any more.  Before you ask, yes, I have taken the title.  It's a hereditary title based on a great 4 time grand father finding some new way to make widgets of some sort at twentieth of their original cost.  Some sort of widget that the Army and Marines seemed to think was important then.  I don't know what it is or even if they still use them, I just know I get 50,000 credits a year, more or less, as my fee simple, and I'm a peer of the Imperium.  I've been to the moot twice.  Not going again, if I can help it.  And no, I do NOT want to be called by my honors, not even in fun.  So, can I be off finding the grease and shorted wires?  I'd also like to do an EVA and check that laser hit, make sure the armor wasn't degraded."

Warrant Higgs and I looked at him as if he had just grown an extra head. This was not at all what we had expected out of him.  That was more back ground info than I had expected from him.
"You have my full permission to do so Mr. Urdar, that seems very Scout of you. We'll make a scout of you yet." He smiled, tipped his hat, then left the bridge, bellowing for Warrant Gahagan.

All this would wait until ordered to return to base of when the power plant ran out of fuel, which ever came first, but with a fission plant that might take a while.  For now we wait.

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