Friday, February 24, 2012

Never say you are bored on a stake out.

"Skip, it's been 5 hours, I've got an idea to both keep us sharp and give some training."

"What you got boats?"

"Both of the special training troops are boat rated, and did well enough in my little sim I ran on them that I'd let them fly. Let's load up the whole scout squad in the surveyors, launch it and go into what passes for scarred rabbit mode for them. Have the Lewis go into rolling stealth, the drones go in to hide and evade mode, have the pack try and get firing solutions on the drones and the boat under manual control. To make life interesting, the surveyors will need to stay with in .5% of it's starting position with regards to it's initial location post launch with us. That's going to cause turret masking every now and then."

"So, the scouts are rabbits and the Vargr are the hunters? How are we going to avoid possible friendly fire?" "Disable launch/fire from you station it's the yellow flashing button. Push it until it turns green." I clicked the button.

"I'll run the points. Right now scoring will be based off seconds not in sights for the scouts, good firing solutions for the guns."

"Well make it so boats".

A series of commands were issues, and once the surveyors had cleared the Merry, emissions went stealth, and random darting around in place started. Grav plates made it where you didn't really notice, but we were no longer just holding in place.

Dr. Darst had visited all the people that were not in uniforms that included a medical read out and issued an arm band version, early in the waiting period.

After about a half hour into the "game" I got a private buzz from med bay"Sr. Scout, is there a reason why all the gun crews as well as they away scouts would be having higher than normal heart rate and respiration rates?"

"Well, they are taking pot shots at each other. No live ammo, but using the ranging lasers and local control on the missiles, as if they were launched."

"Well that would explain it. Thank you, please warn me next time so I don't start looking up what to give a hyper Vargr that doesn't knock them out or make them high. I don't think we have any thing that does that, by the way, and I'd just a soon not have high Vargr on the ship"

Well, crap.  "Find one, and when we RTB get oh, 12 doses"
So, we were playing "shoot the pirates when all 3 sensor officers, who were not playing the game (Mr. Urdar running the ships eyes, and the scouts not running drones on the surveyor running theirs (muttering about non stable platform) and the on board scouts using their sensors.


"Jump foot print, 4 light seconds 800 dt class, military grade drive."  About ten seconds later "Beta and Zulu reporting same in their scan zones."

A minute later "Multiple 10 dt craft launched.  8 on vector our postion.  Zero/Zero at current 6G acceleration 149 minutes."

'Surveyor, back off 20,000 km, go dark, set drones for active and have them start a circle based on our position off set by 1/4 light second. Guns you have local control, release current tracks, go to weapons free.  Laser turret one, configure for point defense. Get some Gun Pack

Battle stations, I say again, battle stations

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