Saturday, September 7, 2013

LSPS-1802 Far Venture.

Subsidized Merchant modified Type R (Type RL).

Major differences

  1. 4 hardpoints

  2. Jump 2

  3. Removal of 7 stateroom

  4. Removal of low berths.

  5. Modular cargo / passenger design

Subsidized Merchant, Type RL (‘Fat Long Trader’)

ItemTonsPrice (Cr.)
Hull400 tons
Hull 8
Structure 8
Total Hull Cost17,600,000
Armour None
Jump Drive  D (Jump 2)2540,000,000
Manoeuvre Drive C (Thrust 1)512,000,000
Power Plant D1332,000,000
Compact Bridge152,000,000
Computer Model 1bis Rating 5 (10 for Jump)45,000
Electronics Civilian Sensors (–2 DM)150,000
Hardpoint #1 Empty
Hardpoint #2 Empty
Hardpoint #3 Empty
Hardpoint #4 Empty
Fuel One Jump–2 and Two weeks of operation88
Cargo201 (20 10 dTon modules)
6 Staterooms for crew. 1 single, 5 double.243,000,000
Extras Fuel Scoop
Fuel Processor150,000
Escape Pods One for every stateroom3650,000
Ship’s Locker
Modular 20 dTon Launch207,000,000
Software Jump Control/2200,000
Total Tonnage and Cost400107,595,000 cr

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