Sunday, September 29, 2013

LSP Mk XXIV Life Pod

All LSP space ships are equipped with an Mk XXIV pod at a rate of 1 per cabin.

.5 dTon (6.75 M³)

ItemMeter³Weight (Kg)Cost (Cr)
Box Structure hull with Advanced Sealing
7.425 Meters³ available
Crystaliron Armor 6
Hull 1 Structure 3
Grav Drive0.337550168,750
Fuel Cell
TL-10 22 power units
Fuel Efficient x 4
Fuel 500 liters (2000 Hours)0.5500-
Compact Comprehensive Sensors0.512000
Life support hostile environment0.3375135168,750
Air flow device0.033675
Pilot's station1.25125-
Passenger seat1100-
Radio-1000 TL 72155000

Max speed in air 425 KPH
Cruising speed 319 KPH
Agility 1

Basic Load out
2 x Environmental suits
2 x Environmental masks
Vehicle Survival Kit
Fusion Stile

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