Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mongoose Traveller Core Rulebook MGP 3800 Part 5 Equipment

Equipment follows the more or less normal RPG list of things, starting with a generic "you must spend this much if your SOC is this" per month standard of living costs, which ranges from 400 cr for SOC 2 to 20,000 cr for SOC 16+

Armour ranges from Jack, which is little more than a leather jacket to Battle Dress. Ablat and Reflec are still here, as special armours vs lasers. Vacc suits are listed as a type of armour.
While the game system doesn't really push it self towards the cyberpunk style of play, there are enough things here to make you into a jacker or a street samurai, if you want to. Having Augments can effect how well medical aid works on you, so it's a good idea to have med kits and bays of the same or higher tech level than any augments your party has.
This covers "man portable" gear only, with 5 classes

  1. Bugs

  2. Transceiver

  3. Comm

  4. Commdot

  5. Holographic Projector

Computers now no longer weigh a ton and cost tens of thousands of credits. A model 1 computer weighs 5 kilos and cost 100 CR. There is an option of building a lower powered version than your current tech level computer which will be much smaller and lighter than one of the tech level it is emulating. Example given is a TL 10 society can make a TL 7 Computer/0 power level computer that weighs 1.25 kg and cost 6 credits. Making a computer/0 at it's native TL 7 will make it weigh 10 kilos and cost 50 cr. While hardware is more rational, Software is still all over the map as to cost and functionality
Medical Supplies
These cover the expected medikits and drugs, with the seemingly reversed "Fast" and "slow" drugs, in that "slow" makes you move faster and "fast" makes you move slower. I understand that it makes the universe seem fast or slow from your point of view, but it's still some what counter intuitive.
Not very well thought out and incomplete list of robots and drones available. Most of them are for shipboard use
Binoculars and the like.
Survival Gear
Tents, generators, thruster packs, that sort of thing.
Very generic "you must have a tool kit for a skill to use a skill" sort of thing. All cost 1000 cr and weigh 12 kg


Ah, yeah, gun porn...

We've got melee weapons,  slug throwers ranging from black powder weapons to Gauss rifles, energy weapons, grenades, heavy weapons and explosives.  All the Classic Traveller toys are here, from the generic "blade" to the "FGMP-15"   Fun fact.  A FGMP-15 does one dice more damage than a "pocket nuke", and is capable of auto fire.

The chapter ends with a very short and some what confusing vehicle list and rules.

Next up Spacecraft.


  1. But does a bottle still act as a club once, then as a dagger-1 thereafter?

    Sounds pretty basic, but that's not entirely a bad thing, even if many players like to pore over catalogues for hours doing the fantasy shopping thing.

  2. Wait until Supplement 4. That's the big book of shopping!