Friday, April 6, 2012

A summary of the campaign so far.

The IISS Meriwether Lewis was attacked in it's home port. After a quick reload of it's missile load out, it was sent into the Foreven sector so scout and report on "The Republic Space Force", if it could be found. The reporting on the "Republic Space Force" if found, was an addition to the ship original orders of doing a Class III survey of the Foreven sector

This entity is using Imperial designed craft, with no serial numbers on any parts. The crew are all clones, with each flight being a single genotype, but all the genotypes were related, as if they were brothers or sisters.

On the first jump into the Foreven sector, to Ake (Foreven 3238), the Lewis miss jumped, ending in Foreven 0233, roughly 33 parsecs from where they should be. At maximum jump that puts them roughly 9 jumps from returning to base, which allowing for 2 days per jump refueling puts them about 100 days from RTB.

In the post jump maintenance/investigation phase it was found that the jump drives had a subtle maladjustment that caused the miss jump. DNA evidence on the fuel flow rate limiter indicated that the adjustment was made by some one from the family that the genotype of the attacking "Republic Space Force" fighter's pilots had come from. This does not match any on board genotypes.

Sr. Scout Jamison and his command staff are now deciding on if they should do a max speed return to base, or do a deliberate survey of the Foreven sector, per their original pre attack orders.

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